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The company is founded by successful serial entrepreneurs and fund managers such as Christopher Low and Jeremy Khoo, both with a combined 30 years of senior management experience and boast of several successful multi-million dollar exits, demonstrating the ability to create market leaders in the areas of technology, retail and finance and currently advises more than 40 ICOs in between them.

The team is composed of experts in the areas of distributed ledger technology, finance, retail, marketing and legal.

What we offer

End to End Token Generation Event Consultancy

Novum in Latin means “new”. As the name implies, Novum Capital focuses on a whole new paradigm shift in the world of investment and fund raising. We are experts in the areas of fund raising through innovative technology via distributed ledger technology and digital asset enablement. We provide full professional services to our most demanding customers detailed as follow


Consulting of business model and how digital asset can be employed for maximum Business Process Optimization.

Proven Technologies

Provision of time-tested and proven technologies which has seen more than US$1 million invested into the technology to enable businesses to fund raise through digital asset enablement.


Whitepaper enhancement and vetting.

Legal Coverage

All aspects of legal coverage so as to ensure we comply with laws, rules and regulations.

Marketing & PR

Marketing and Public Relations services.

Custom Blockchain

Custom blockchain technology development.

Web Design & Hosting

Full complete website design and hosting with full security screening services.

Bespoke Marketing

Bespoke marketing services to enable a successful post-fund raising business for the digital asset or mobile app.


Many other innovative services which collectively push the envelope of success for our clients.

Custom Distributed App Development (web and mobile)

The advent of distributed ledger technology (commonly called “blockchain”) has revolutionised how traditional technology architecture is designed. DLT has made it possible to enable a transaction to be immutable and trusted. Central authority can now be decentralized to create an infallible, always-on system. Novum Capital is able to provide businesses and companies with such breakthrough technological development. Our team possesses at least five years in DLT technologies and will be able to advise on the application of DLT to an innovative business model.


Novum Capital invests in technological startups in the seed to Series-A stage. Our focus is on startups implementing blockchain technology which can potentially change the world. Our founders, being serial entrepreneurs, will be able to provide the mentorship and guidance to startup founders in addition to capital. The criteria which startups must fulfil are:

  • Initial traction with customers

  • Scalable on a global scale

  • DLT/Blockchain solution

If your startup fulfils the above criteria,  talk to us today!

What makes us different

All star team

Superior and Proven Technology

Novum Capital invests heavily into our proprietary Pegasus System technology. Our Pegasus System are not only enterprise-grade software, but also conforms to the highest security standards demanded by the most risk-averse clients today. Anyone can build a token generation script in a month but not anyone can vouch for a system which addresses the issues of hacking, security, frauds, backdoors, trojans, etc. Our Pegasus System is time tested and proven on numerous live Token Generation Events.

The Novum Approach

We approach each fund-raising exercise with an out-of-the-box mind set. The Novum approach employs a proven and successful formula which aims to increase the likelihood of success for the fund-raising endeavour. Clients will find our methodology structured yet innovative and adaptive. Our unique process provides confidence to our clients and ensure that our clients are educated each step of the way.



Our Corporate Culture

No one works in Novum Capital. For each team member, we are passionate about changing the world through innovative technology. We approach each of our client’s requirements with zest and go out of our way to ensure their success. Every Novum team member is someone who goes beyond the 100% to over-deliver beyond expectations. Each of us are proactive and is able to hold his or her own in any intellectual discussion.

Joining the Novum team is an accolade itself. We look for individuals with a unique personality and place secondary importance to academic and personal achievements. If you have the passion and drive to make the world a better place,  talk to us today!


Singapore HQ

Mox, Level 3, 451 Joo Chiat Road,

Singapore 427664


Level 16, 16-01

Wisma UOA Damansara Ⅱ

No 6 Changkat Semantan

Damansara Heights

50490 Kuala Lumpur


Mpro, Level 7,

9 Duy Tan, Cau Giay district,

Hanoi, Vietnam


No. 88 Jalan Batu Mejan

Canggu, Echo Beach

Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Bali, Indonesia

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Christopher Low

Managing Partner and Executive Chairman

Mr Low is a seasoned technology entrepreneur for almost 20 years with a track record of building successful technology companies. His first startup called Pendulab was operating as a Software-as-a-Service offering web based collaboration solution. Within a short span of four years, Mr Low had built an incredible sales enterprise which garnered thousands of customers worldwide. Pendulab was subsequently acquired by a leading US-based private equity firm.

Mr Low went on to start what was Southeast Asia largest casual game platform, Viwawa, back in 2008. Within two years, Viwawa became the top 100 site for many countries in Southeast Asia, boasting millions of gamers. Seeing a growing trend for fintech, Mr Low embarked on a new venture, SoftPay Mobile, which aims to be the “Square” of Southeast Asia. Within two years, SoftPay Mobile became the largest Mobile Point of Sale company in Vietnam. Mr Low was instrumental in steering SoftPay Mobile to a strategic partnership with Indonesia’s largest bank, Bank Mandiri. Mr Low also successfully raised funds for SoftPay Mobile under Series A.

Mr Low graduated with a Merit in Computing from the National University of Singapore. Mr Low has been passionate about blockchain technologies since 2012. He loves to read up on the latest blockchain technologies and does some coding in his spare time.

Jeremy Khoo

Managing Partner

Jeremy Khoo is a business operator with a passion for the Southeast Asian e-commerce space, currently focused on establishing iFashion as a leading regional fashion and lifestyle retail company. He was a cofounder of e-commerce fast fashion label Dressabelle and lifestyle marketplace Megafash, both of which exited to iFashion. He was previously a military officer with the Republic of Singapore Air Force and was awarded the Sword of Honour. 


Legal Chief

Nizam Ismail is a Partner and Head of the Financial Services Practice of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing in Singapore.

He is also Co-Founder of RHT Compliance Solutions, a dedicated regulatory compliance consultancy based in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Nizam draws upon his previous regulatory experience as Deputy Director and Head of the Market Conduct Policy Division of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, his compliance background as Head of Compliance for Southeast Asia at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley, and his legal background as Deputy Public Prosecutor/State Counsel at the Commercial Affairs Department and Senior Legal Counsel at Citigroup, to help cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies and financial institutions in Southeast Asia with various legal and regulatory compliance issues, and to also design practical and risk-focused compliance programs.

He has advised global companies on ICOs or token-generating events in Singapore, cryptocurrency exchanges as well as other cryptocurrency intermediaries.

Nizam is also a Fellow at the Singapore University of Social Studies, where he focuses on cryptocurrency regulations, as well as Chairman of the Regulatory Sub-Committee of ACCESS, a cryptocurrency and blockchain association in Singapore.

Irwin Chee

Lead Consultant

Starting his career in product development and marketing, Irwin was at i-Sprint Innovations, a security tech firm. During his time, he helped launched more than fourteen products and went through two rounds of acquisitions. He was cofounder at Rimu Group, a venture capital fund which invests across SEA. Irwin was also General Manager responsible for business development and operations at Rockstagvid, a Singaporean video production firm and built 3 hyperlocal media assets.

Vincent Lee

Public Accountant

Vincent is a Public Accountant with over 20 years of industry experience. He is also a Fellow Chartered Accountant of Singapore. He was previously a co-founder of an accounting firm which he helped build to become the 14th largest accounting firm in Singapore. Having begun his career at Ernst & Young, his area of expertise includes audits, due diligence reviews and business valuations for listed and non-listed companies, in a diverse range of industries including aviation, manufacturing, trading, energy, large charities and non-profit organisations, e-commerce and fintech, property development and investment holdings.

Coco Ong

Marketing Chief

With experience in handling and facilitating events since her undergraduate days, Coco started her career at GaiGai Pte Ltd, the fastest growing dating agency in Singapore, leading an events team and has since organised, marketed and executed over 100 events to date. The Love @ S.E.A.A. event was also featured in a variety show on Mediacorp, a Singaporean broadcasting station in 2017. Moving into content marketing at Paktor Pte Ltd, Coco managed digital content and traditional marketing for the company, as well as influencer marketing which managed to achieve a low CPL comparable to programmatic advertising. Prior to this, Coco graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging.

Hal Bame

Advisor (North America)

Hal has over 15 yrs of global games, esports and digital experience having worked with ESL (Electronic Sports League, the world’s Leading esports company), as Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, as well as co-founder For Nemesis, a casual games esports gaming platform focusing on emerging markets. He has also held senior international roles for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation) and Codemasters Software Company, looking after iconic products such as PlayStation 3 and the Formula One game franchise in emerging markets. Hal is currently advising blockchain-related game and entertainment companies in both the US and Asia.

Julius Kew

Senior Consultant

Julius has been in consulting of business, branding and marketing for the recent 20 years, with partners and clients from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

Prior to consultancy, Julius has almost 15 years of working experiences from software development, technical support, project management, sales, business development, attached with various technology corporations from Malaysia and the United States, serving Malaysia and South Asia clients from manufacturing, services, logistics, financial, telecommunication, oil & gas, as well as government sectors.

Jonas Larsson

Project Manager

Jonas has over 3 years experience in client facing roles as well as in blockchain and cryptocurrency since Bitcoin’s early days.

Previously an Account Director at Black Marketing, he specialised in maximising international C-level clients personal branding, presence, and company brand on LinkedIn. Prior to this, he held a role of an Associate Engineer at TÜV SÜD PSB working in the Electrical & Electronics engineering field. Jonas graduated from RMIT University with Bachelor of Business in Marketing.

Cassandra Yeo

Marketing Executive

Cassandra is a creative and proactive individual who is passionate about digital content creation and planning. An effective collaborator and communicator of ideas, she is strategic in her thinking and ensures that the plans that she has are in line with the strategic objectives set by the team. She currently sits at Novum Capital as the Marketing Executive, where she is part of a team that strategizes and oversees the execution of marketing plans in the emerging technology market.

Prior to this, Cassandra graduated with honours from Nanyang Technological University, with a Bachelor in Communication Studies.

Kim Chang

Project Manager

She doesn't follow rules but follows dreams. Graduated from NUS with an atypical bachelor degree with honours in Theatre Studies, Kimberley thrives on the imaginative, the dynamic and occasionally the unorthodox. Helming projects and a few years of work dealing with the front end in the service industry has led her to emphasize soft skills in effective communication both as a leader and a teamplayer. She also makes a habit of being efficient and delivering set objectives, sometimes before you expect it.

Kim’s fondness for and hence a minor in English Literature has helped honed her writing skills. She has accumulated experience in copywriting, poetry writing, co-writing for plays and videos, as well as white papers for ICOs, so you know your papers will be in decent hands.

Still young but curious, she is 92% eager to learn from you.

Widelia Liu

Investment Director

Widelia is a serial entrepreneur having founded two businesses and successfully exited one. As the founder/CEO of womenswear fashion brand – Whole9Yards, she spearheaded its overseas expansion into 18 countries worldwide and led multiple investment rounds from venture capitalists. Prior to starting her own business, she worked as an investment banker in London focusing on inbound UK M&A deals. Widelia holds a BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Project Manager

She started out her career in human resources and talent acquisitions in multiple MNCs like Deloitte, KPMG and Cycle & Carriage. After a few years, she decided it's time to pursue her interest in communications. She doesn't like to be restricted by rules and prefers to be in the background, quietly observing. Currently doing a double degree in Journalism and Public Relations has helped in her writing skills. She would rather be sipping coffee in a quiet cafe on any given day.

Brandon Lee

Country Manager (Korea)

With many years of experience as a data scientist across industries and corporations such as Samsung and Siemens, Brandon excels in optimisation and improvisation of all processes. Prior to starting his own digital analytics company, SmartMind Inc, he was serving as the Vice President / Senior Data Scientist at Mediacorp Pte Ltd, the largest media business in Singapore. A sociable and quick-witted leader, Brandon breaks the stereotypes of a data scientist - channeling casual conversations into observations while combining his expertise to elevate and improve business processes with his findings.

Blockchain Developer

Singapore / Kuala Lumpur



Singapore / Kuala Lumpur



Consentium is a crypto wallet, chat and community app all in one that rewards users for their daily engagement. The token sale has successfully ended in April 2018, totalling the raised amount to be US$42 million.

Learn more about Consentium    


CloudMoolah, a comprehensive content and payment aggregator that allows game developers and gamers and payment merchants to conveniently, securely manage payment matters across the world. CloudMoolah has managed to raise a total of US$15 million in May 2018.

Learn more about CloudMoolah    


Bountie aims to revolutionise the gaming sphere by giving gamers and game hobbyists the opportunity to earn by participating in tournaments. With its team members actively participating in events and holding educational talks, the project has garnered gamers' attention and is looking to launch its public pre-sale in September 2018.

Learn more about Bountie    


W Green Pay is the token facilitating the social carbon credit trading behind the HOOXI campaign in Korea. Backed by Korean government officials, the campaign has received high profile coverage on the media and frequently holds events with its Korean celebrity ambassadors. The token sale is scheduled to take place in Q4 2018.

Learn more about W Green Pay    


NEXXO is the world's first global blockchain-powered small business banking platform. The encompassing global blockchain, NEXXONet, is made up of local private blockchains which are legally compliant. Built on its successful existing business model, NEXXO's token sale will happen in October 2018.

Learn more about Nexxo    


Solarite blockchain employs the Proof-of-Power (PoP) concept to reward people who produce energy, and in return, its tokens help to facilitate the Solarite ecosystem. Solarite aims to solve the issue of rising energy consumption in the blockchain sphere, as well as to encourage people to be part of solar energy production.

Learn more about Solarite    


This client is an e-sports company which aims to revolutionise the gaming industry through fulfilling a huge gap in the area of competitive e-sports.


This client is a social media company which aims to leverage on social media to offer a convenient access to digital tokens and cryptocurrencies.


This client is an established online games payment and publishing company. It aims to use blockchain to reduce cost vectors among the key stakeholders.


This client is in the exciting energy sector and aims to create a revolutionary model to allow electricity to be easily traded and accessible to all.


This client has developed a group breaking and exciting mobile app. Through tokenisation, it aims to quickly gain market share in major countries fast.

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